What do you actually do?

What do you actually do? – Its a question I am asked frequently, perhaps I don’t shout loud enough at networking events or business breakfasts and perhaps I should have launched my own website a long time ago. To put it into simple words…

I build Websites and manage companies Social Media

That is of course the core of what I do, and I am trying to find the right balance of customers. I spend waaay too long on Social Media but sometimes finding worthy content is more difficult than it should be.  Of course, as a small business owner my actual jobs a wide a varied so I thought i’d give you a bit of an insight in case you read and ask – I never knew he did that !

Accomplishments this week

  • As its the start of the month I checked 20 websites to make sure their plugins and security were up to date.
  • Provided some feedback to a family member about their website.
  • Discussed a new business set-up and the domain name and email implications to consider.
  • Set up hosting and WordPress Themes for 2 new websites
  • Reconciled my business account using Xero – looked at lots of reports about balance sheets and profit and loss.
  • Sorted out my accounts and submitted my tax return.
  • Consolidated my web-hosting – I was thinking of moving it all to a new host but i’m just too busy to work through the logistics.
  • Signed up for a new CRM (HubSpot) – to try and manage my clients better.
  • Invoiced 2 companies to start new websites.
  • Provided an initial marketing proposal to a company to not only build them a new site but also manage every aspect of their marketing strategy.
  • Have offered work to my amazing God Daughter to keep her in clothes or whatever 15 yr old girls buy nowadays
  • Discussed consultancy work with 2 external website developers.
  • Upgraded my Accounting software (Hiveage) to allow for Recurring Invoices
  • Sorted out all the s*#t on my desk and stuck it in a binder.
  • Edit -Boosted several Facebook post with great results.
  • I haven’t even got to my To-Do-list yet.

So as you can see, like most other Small Business owners life is hectic, but I love it. Being self employed and making decisions for your own benefit is great. Keep it coming I say.

If you have a business idea or a website you would like to discuss, perhaps your site needs an overhaul, our you dont have time for your own Social Media, please feel free to give me a call (07799472835) or drop me an email. I’ll provide you with a sensible solution for your pocket and your brain.

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