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For many people computers, including tablets and smartphones can be a major source of frustration. Simple tasks that seem to take forever and more complicated tasks where the jargon only adds to the confusion can often lead to expensive hardware remaining unused or only partially used because you can’t stand the thought of spending another hour on the phone to technical support.


Anything from setting up a new printer, connecting PCs in your home so that they can share files, installing wifi.


Things have moved on since you bought a box from a shop that contained a CD and an instruction manual and you installed it locally on your PC. While this still happens many software developers now deliver their services via the internet Рthis simply means that you may login to a program online in order to use it. Examples of this include email (gmail, outlook), file storage (Dropbox, One Drive) and iCloud (iphone and iPad backup).

None of the ‘above’

Quite often people ask for for help with something I’ve never heard of before or sometimes its ‘really’ techy! For me, that’s not a problem. Quite often the answers are staring you right in the face but it can be difficult to wade through the masses of ‘helpful’ support available on the web before finding the right answer. I literally have years of experience fixing things that have gone wrong for one reason or another.

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