Social Media Marketing

There is more to social media marketing than just updating a Facebook page or sending out a few tweets.

If you are not using social media as part of your overhaul marketing strategy you are missing out on 1000’s of potential customers.

The packages offered can include everything from setting up accounts, creating and implementing graphics, selecting the most appropriate social platforms from the wide range available.

The packages below can be used as a good guideline for how much you might expect to pay. Each package includes the development of a strategy over a period months, pinpointing key events and dates that are priorities for you business

What is Social Media?

If you have looked for information online over the last few years then you are likely to have used a search engine. Yet, the advent of what is known as Web 2.0 (interactive websites that operate as social networks) has changed the way people both find and receive information. People use Web 2.0 or social media to discover information that is being discussed or has been recommended by other users and in turn, to become involved in these discussions and the transmission of information.

The most popular social networks include Facebook and Twitter and more recently Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. These sites see millions of unique visitors per month. Another powerful network which has revolutionised the audio and video market is YouTube, a site which allows amateur and professional video content to be shared with the world.

Few businesses have yet to realise the full potential these media networks have to offer and so ensuring that your business is firmly placed in the social media world is vital.

How will Social Media Networking help my site traffic grow?

62% of adults worldwide use social media. Experienced social marketers can see the influence this has had with 91% of businesses seeing an improvement in website traffic after the use of social media campaigns and 79% of this traffic generating quality leads.

How do I get involved in Social Media Networking?

Working with social sites is similar to working with the media. Give them a good enough story, secret, tip, or resource that they can sink their teeth into and you’ll have an army of talkers spreading the word about you and your business. This translates into referrals, which convert into sales. So even if you reach less people through social networking, your conversions will be far higher.

How does Social Media Networking dovetail with SEO?

As more and more internet users begin to use tags to find information (a tag is a keyword that a human associated with a website, vs. a keyword that a search engine attributes to a website), Search Marketing professionals cannot ignore the growing dominance of the social networks.

But the added and perhaps more exciting bonus, is that while you grow in popularity with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, your search rankings will continue to increase as a result! Your popularity signals to Google and other search engines alike that you are an authority in your market according to your human audience.

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