Services I offer

I offer a full range of Website development, Digital marketing, business and technical support services to Small and Medium businesses. Take a moment to review the sections below which will give you any idea of the type of expertise available.

Responsive Websites

Once you’ve realised that you have neither the time nor the skills to build your own website, choosing a company to develop your new site can be a tough decision. You are entrusting them with the public image of you company. With so many companies to choose from it is vital that you select a company who really understand your requirements and needs.

We make it our priority to make sure you end up with the site you envisioned. In addition we are careful to guarantee that your site will be compliant, accessible, usable, cross-browser compatible, responsive on all devices and of course that it is search engine friendly.

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Social Media Marketing

No doubt you are aware of social media but you may not be keen on using it nor fully understand how or why it is vital to your business. Implementing a workable strategy so that you retain a presence across the suitable platforms is something you competitors are doing… You cannot afford to miss out.

“Why bother” you might ask. The answer is simple: 90%+ of all search traffic goes via Google AND Google prefers businesses with active Social Media profiles which are set up, optimised and regularly updated. We can manage pages using our creative idea OR train teams during a social media workshops

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Search Engine Optimisation

Plenty talk about it but few know what it means or what it involves. There are many ethical ways to improve your sites performance and ranking without a) breaking the bank and b) risking the reputation on your website and company by employing tactics that go against Google’s strict practices.

In basic terms we work on 2 aspects: On-site optimisation and Off-site optimisation. Tweaking code so that your site is fast, rewriting copy so that it match users needs, analysing the competition to see what they do well, integrating social media within your site and developing links with relevant sites.

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Business Development

With over 18 years working as a sole trader or in a small business I have an extensive knowledge in how to make improvements to your business, regardless of the field or genre. The concepts of marketing, strategy development, business practices and sales can be transferred across environments. If you are look for a fresh pair of eyes or want to look at business from a different perspective, I can offer guidance and support throughout this implementation.

Its better to change 100 things by 1% than to change 1 thing by 100%

Clive Woodward
England Rugby World Cup winning Manager

Technical Support & Consultancy

We all need a little help from time to time, sometimes things that should be straight forward just don’t do what they are supposed to. Not only is this extremely frustrating but it can also be costly.

My services are available to both companies and individuals on a regular or on an ad hoc basis and having worked with computers and tech for my entire adult life there are very few issues I have not come across before.

Do these ring any bells ? Printer wont connect, cant setup itunes on new PC, what the hell is iCloud?, I’ve lost all my contacts. Dont panic – just get in touch.

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Email & Hosting

Before I even get started, I have neither the space nor capacity to physically have ‘servers’ in my office… why would I ? I choose from 3 or 4 carefully selected hosts / servers, dependent upon the requirement of the individual company. This means, your site is not affected by power cuts or broadband downtime.

I don’t inflate hosting costs like many web development companies, I simply a small management fee for my time setting things up and looking after them… unless of course you want to look after your own DNS, FTP, Nameservers, IP records, MX records, TXT Recoreds, IPS Tags…. I think you get the picture.

You can still use your own host if you’ve already bought your domain name, the fee will just be a little higher as individual hosts settings will vary considerably.

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