Do as I say, Not as I do.

Its been over a year since I took down my old website because it was rubbish and out of date. It has taken me a year to finally put something live.

Was I lazy? – probably a little, but tell me which plumber or electrician comes home from a hard days work and can’t wait to fix that dripping tap or move a light switch.

The simple fact is I’ve just been busy and since September 2015 I have built over 30 websites, half of those have support contract (the others, well I’ve no doubt they will contact me for help at some stage soon). I also manage 10 social media accounts (that’s 10 x 4 separate platforms (Generally Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+). I keep changing my mind too as to the best approach for my site. Do I provide lots of information or just enough to spark an interest – at the end of the day I decided I just had to get a web presence, so here we are !

I’m appallingly bad at my own social media and its a mix of personal and work related content, and I promise that it will improve, so to those people that have followed me or liked my pages, thanks for sticking with me.

On that note, i’d better get back to it. Please take a look at the pages and take my advice for what its worth. It really does work !




(C- Must try harder)

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